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Swimming Pool Waterproofing Service In Mumbai

The surface of the slab will be thoroughly cleaned. The entire area would be scanned and the cracks and loose concrete, thus found in the slab will be grouted by pressure with cement slurry. Due to pressure grouting cement slurry will reach the vacuum in the slab. A base coat of 12mm thk waterproof plaster will be provided over the entire slab. After 2-3 days curing, a layer of brickbats is to be laid over the slab with appropriate gradients. The water ponding will be done over it for 3-4 days. Later it will be finished with fresh cement waterproof mortar with rough finished surface to receive china mosaic or the false marking of 1’-3”x 1’-3”. Again the water will be ponding for 15 days for curing and testing.